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Alex Name

."I've always loved art in all of its forms. Having done theater for more than 10 years. Later on, I've also incorporated another passion, painting! It has given me lots of joy on a daily basis, and it is out to be shared with others."

During the pandemic, I've been lucky to take advantage of weekly online sessions  with master Gary Tucker, who I've always admired. Here you will now find many of those inspired works.

 I was also privileged to have the talented Kevin Eubanks getting inspired to writing some amazing stories (under the session 'storypaintings)

Had the huge honor of having some of my works selected to be part of three "Walt Disney Family Museum" Exhibits, "The World of Tomorrow" and "A Small World" and "Conserving the Magic of our Planet", and an open/ in-person one, "The Spirit of the Season" where two of my pieces were selected to be displayed at their gallery .


 Jinchen Han: ( Watercolor professor):

 "Excellent painting. You have developed your unique style. I like your style.”


 Kim Scriner: ( Medical doctor and watercolor artist who introduced me to watercolor):

 “You need to have a show!.  Truly extraordinary! you really have tapped into a gift! You’re prolific and talented!“


 Kevin Eubanks: ( Musician / composer):

 “Warm realism, lovely feel, movement. Wow.!

 Your expression emotes realism, texture, something living. And I’m only looking at an iPhone screen!!!!”


 Chris Bashinelli: ( Motivational speaker)

“ You have a gift my friend”


 Erik Oberholtzer: ( Video Producer) 

 “Those are beautiful!!!! 

 I love them!! I’m really impressed!”


 Tom Mangelsen: (wildlife photographer):

 “Wow love your watercolors. You are so talented! Great!”


 Hugo Van Lawick: (Eco builder / Jane Goodall’s son)

 “You definitely have talent.

 To me art is all about capturing character, colours and moods, which you've succeeded to do in a very unique way!

 Keep going!.

 Another masterpiece!! Seriously I love it. I see all kinds of strange creatures moving around in the waves and clouds. Also the way you've blended sky and ocean is masterful.

 You're very talented!”

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